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"I O-BEY." It was a very clear and concise command that Epsilon immediately acted on.

The Doctor was baffled with how quickly the situation went from being a complete nightmare to a slightly  irregular - and entirely awkward - visit. He lead the rest of them back to the old familiar Console Room, not quite wanting to bring to the Master’s attention that he was being ‘nice’ in Dalek terms. Orders were a very integral part of their rigid society. Let’s not share that. “I’m glad we were able to find her so quickly,” the Doctor remarked with a semblance of a smile.

Once back in the console room, the Master removed Fluffy from the Dalek, and held her close, and then headed for the door.

"Thank you." he said, after stopping and turning back to face the Doctor. "Even though you lost my cat, and apparently managed to kidnap her, I appreciate the fact that your pet did not exterminate her. I doubt that you would like to know what would happen to the both of you if she had indeed been hurt, but I suppose the topic does not need to be brought up. Give my best to Andromeda." With that, he headed out the door of the SIDRAT and went back over to his TARDIS.


Epsilon rolled to a halt after the command. Its database searched through the terms ‘lord’ and ‘master’ separately. Its eyestalk was noncommittally pointed between the two Time Lords. The Doctor was the closest it had to a personal ‘master’ though it had very specific orders to not use that name to refer to him.

The Doctor’s eyebrows raised as the Master belted out the order. It was effective for their current situation.

The Time Lord let out a sigh before saying, “you will now take Fluffy to the Console Room, and there will be no going away from this command. Do as you are told or face consequences from your owner.” He raised his arm to point back down the hallway they had come and then looked over at the Doctor. “Lead the way.” 

The Master then moved to pick up Fluffy and place her on top of the Dalek’s head once again, where she contentedly batted away at the various bits and bobs that caught her attention. He then fell in line directly behind the Dalek and waited for the Doctor to lead them back.



      "For the last time I am not orderin’ you a bloody pizza.  You’ve got your own mobile for that!”

"I do believe that you were expecting another caller. I would apologize, but I find that I am not at all apologetic.” the Master commented to the woman that had just yelled at him through a phone.


Epsilon spurred itself onwards, but its mobility systems only went about the speed of a light jog. Not enough to get away from a running cat or anything flat out running. “DO NOT PRO-CEED! RE-TREAT! RE-TREAT!” It demanded as it continued down the hallway.

The Doctor didn’t buy the Master’s words for a moment. But he also didn’t expect the cat to actually succeed in getting away. Apparently she was not done with the haggard Dalek. He sprinted after the Master, unsure of how he should try to stop the tenacious feline.

"She usually listens to me!" he said aloud after he ran out of steam, and stopped following after the two. A heavy, tired sigh escaped him as he caught his breath and watched the apparently happy cat dance around the Doctor’s bloody pet. That’s when an idea hit him. "DALEK. STOP AND FACE YOUR LORD AND MASTER."


The Doctor didn’t react much to the shove. In the glimpse he had of the whereabouts of the cat, he pretty much expected it. At least this time he was actually present when the two met. The demand from the other Time Lord didn’t exactly tickle the Doctor’s sympathy. His own gaze hardened, but he wasn’t going to fight it. “Epsilon, I need you to tidy up my work station.”

The Dalek retracted its arms. It was like they never were there. Its eyestalk continued to stare back at the Master even as the body turned away to roll down a different hallway. There was no trust here.

"Fluffy seems well enough," the Doctor commented.

"She’s clearly traumatized." he replied, looking down at the cat who immediately looked over at Epsilon the second he started to move again. She struggled in the Master’s arms until he released her, at which point she ran after the poor Dalek and leapt at him, trying to climb up him once again.

FLUFFY! FLUFFY GET BACK HERE!” the Master shouted, worry evident in his voice. However, the cat was only interested in her new giant toy, and so the Time Lord bravely trekked after both the Dalek and the Persian.


Oneiori had been a very strange child. He didn’t say his first word until he was 6 and even after that refused to talk outside of sign language. Choosing only to speak when the moment needed it. This new Gallifrey changed that. Like a left handed student forced to use their right hand, Oneiori was poked and prodded into communicating verbally more and more, but even now he doesn’t go out of his way to speak with other. 

As for his patience it was something he had to learn over time. As the Oldest of the Harrier’s children , it was his job to look after the younger siblings.The girls mostly keep each other balanced , but the youngest Torvic jr , was a hell raiser and the very definition of spoiled brat. It was in those rare insistence that Oneiori would raise his voice, and everyone would stop and listen. It un-nerved the boy so much he learned to to keep his tone steady

Work unfortunate All the available TARDIS are already assigned to and I have a very negative reaction to Vortex Manipulators.” His calm face grimaces comically as he stick out his tongue. “Besides working here will give me an excuse to keep away from ’ The family business’ “

"I think…. I think that would be quite good for you." the Master said in response to Oneiori trying to get away from him family. It was a good sign in his eyes, even though a part of him thought that the boy might be lying, and that it was all a trap. His disguise kept him from focusing too much on that last one. He had opened his mouth to speak again when he heard the Harrier’s voice from over in the next room. The Time Lord stood quickly, and fished around in his clothes, pulling out a black business card with shimmering red writing that read: ‘The Master’ and had a series of numbers underneath. "Contact me when you are settled here. I will return when you desire me. Keep this card safe, son. Don’t let your father get a hold of it, and I’m…. I’m proud of you, Oneiori."

With those soft, hurried words said, the Master quickly made his way for the exit, hoping that one day he would receive a call from his lost child.

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|| good luck! i’m really scared of spiders so i’d be no help whatsoever if i was there.

// I used to be super afraid of them until I kept getting scorpions and brown recluses (they’re not supposed to be in California, it was horrifying) in my dorm room. Plus, I was one of the few people that would help get the tarantulas out of the campus buildings instead of smashing them to death with a broom, so I kinda don’t mind them so much anymore. I’m just pleased when they don’t try to kill me.

andromedafound replied to your post:// I’M GONNA SMASH THEM ALL (Apparently, the…


I WILL BE! I’m going to poke the plants with a stick until they start trying to run away then I’m going to smash them. Plus gloves, big boots, etc. etc. I’ll also probably call Dewey Pest Control. I didn’t have them spray for spiders last time they were here. Depending on how many I find, it might be worth the cost.

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(Apparently, the juveniles are blonde-ish with big white butts. I thought they were some sort of garden spider, but I got curious when I kept finding big dead ones and quite a few adult black widows near egg sacs. I just googled it on a hunch and apparently they are what I thought they were. I’m going to go attack my tomato and blackberry plants now, excuse me.)

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// I interrupt my replies to bring you this breaking news:

The Baby Spiders I saved and put into all of my plants were actually baby/teen black widows. You may now join me in freaking out if you so please.



The Master was being very silent and that bothered the Doctor to some degree. He wasn’t sure if it was better or worse that he didn’t utter any committed noises to anything he said. What did one do when the other person was dead silent? There turned a last corner and his ears picked up the hum of Epsilon’s mobility circuits. His eyes widened as they drifted to the Dalek, its claws raised in a curious manner with Fluffy batting at them. It might have been playing if the butler wasn’t backing its way through the hallway.

"OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!" Epsilon repeated over and over. All the while it failed to get any sort of hold on the cat due to her process of entertainment.

"FLUFFY!" roared the Master as he shoved past the Doctor to go rescue his cat. "LET GO OF HER!" 

The ginger persian was lifted off of the Dalek, but continued to try to bat at the tiny mechanical arms. Who dared to disturb Fluffy while she was playing!? The cat turned to bat at the arms, but realised that she was back with the Master, and started to purr. She must have just gone down the wrong hallway! She knew his office was here somewhere.

Meanwhile the Master hurridly stepped backwards, not taking his eyes off of the Dalek. Once he reached the Doctor, he looked over and simply glared at him, fury burning bright behind his eyes.

"Get. Rid. Of it." he demanded. "Now.”


"It’s alright. We haven’t really talked in quite some time, and you’ve had more pressing concerns than remembering every little detail of every conversation we’ve had,” she said quietly, shaking her head.

But the idea that he was hearing whispers—that his connection to Gallifrey seemed to be more active than usual—it sent chills up her spine. She stood completely still, her face paling slightly, as she considered the possibility that Gallifrey was working to find a way to escape the Time Lock. Again.

She was silent for a moment, then looked at him again with dread and cleared her throat. “Is it like it was before? Before the Time Lock? No—don’t answer that—of course it’s not; I would have heard it by now.” She blinked a few times and shook her head. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just some odd feedback on the line? Perhaps someone’s been fiddling with the timeline?” She could feel panic beginning to rise within her and struggled to shove it back down.

"No, it’s not. It’s…. sneaky. I can’t really make out what’s being said, but the words that I can aren’t exactly anything I’d like to repeat. They’re worrying." the Master replied of the question Andromeda told him not to answer. He felt that it warranted a response. "It’s not pleasant, you know. Being a thing. I don’t know where the other end of my transmission is. I don’t know if it’s something that can be accessed by anyone, or anything, out there in the multiverse. I don’t know if there’s another universe merging in that is currently in the same time period that I was in when I discovered what it was. I do not enjoy not knowing, especially when it is something regarding myself. I’ve been the only one I could trust for the majority of my life, and then I was told I was diseased, and that all I’d been loomed for was this…. thing, built into me. I need to find the other end of my transmission, and I need to keep it with me. That’s the only way I can have my own life again.”


Oh? [She looked up at him again, the parts in the bag mentally set aside for the time being.] That sounds interesting. I imagine they have any number of useful things at their disposal. Are you working with Jack?

[She chuckled to herself at the memories that his mention of Torchwood brought up.] The Doctor and I played a few practical jokes on Torchwood when he first came into the Multiverse. We were stuck in Cardiff while we got our ships untangled. It was a fun way to pass the time. [She wondered vaguely whether the woman he’d mentioned sleeping with was with Torchwood, then decided she didn’t want to know and shoved that thought aside.]

Yes, I am. The one from my original universe, actually. -he said quite contently until Andromeda brought up playing tricks. Typically he would have commended such behavior, but he felt pride when he thought of Torchwood, so he didn’t believe that he should warrant her and the Doctor’s actions.- I was an artifact for them…. until Jack decided to rehabilitate me. I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for him and the rest of the organization’s members, and Torchwood itself, really. The base in Cardiff was my home for quite some time. 

Long before your grandmother was even born. -he added to Fluffy, who was receiving behind-the-ear-scratches and was now seemingly happy.-

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The eyestalk shook and rattled as it was being played with. “CEASE THAT AC-TION! CEASE! CEEAASE!” The Dalek reversed, the edge of its armoured base rubbing against the wall. There were no orders that dealt with this sort of situation. Removal of the feline would be necessary in order for the butler to return to its work. Just under its grill was a row of slots that sat just above its arm area. These slots opened to reveal many small robotic arms that were standard issue for a engineer unit. These arms could lengthen and shorten depending on the task. They sought to place the cat on the ground in their delicate hands.

"Epsilon has a very strict schedule that he operates on," the Doctor explained as they delved further into the time machine. "It happens that it would require him in the kitchen very shortly which means he’s not too far off. The SIDRAT says that he should be able to help us find your feline companion. Which is good as there’s no dangerous animals on this stretch of rooms. Well, there is Sedna, but she’s grown into quite the massive old girl. She doesn’t have a chance of squeezing out of her room anymore." He then realized that the Master probably had no idea about the fact that he was talking about a T. rex. He probably shouldn’t have brought it up. "Anyways…"

"Mew." commented Fluffy as she moved to bat at the tiny mechanical arms. What a funny thing! She was quite fond of it, even if she didn’t want to obey the mechanical voice.

Had the Doctor been interested in bringing up the fact that Sedna was a dinosaur, he might have had a bit more patience. He lived with a ‘dinosaur’ for some time at Torchwood, and he was quite fond of them. Even if they were frequently mislabeled by the peoples of Earth.
Instead, the Master was only aghast at the fact that the Doctor was leading him to Epsilon, and that the monstrosity might have his beloved Fluffy. He was still not interested in speaking (mainly because he knew that if he started, he wouldn’t stop and he’d probably get his laser screwdriver involved, which would not get him any closer to making sure that Fluffy was safe,) and was annoyed by the sheer amount of words spilling out of this incarnation. He missed his predominantly quiet husband, and was grateful that he no longer lived with this lanky one.