Your Lord and Master

The Master's Log

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In his Mansion on Earth
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The-Doctor-Infinitum's TARDIS


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"I am permitted to move as a choose. I have no where else to be but here, or where my duties lay.  I am incapable of ‘shirking’ my duties," He tilted his head again.  "Is it that hard for you to imagine that being near you is all the comfort I find now?"

"Yes, it is, actually." he admitted, finding himself to be slightly disappointed in the fact that he was unable to catch the Doctor avoiding his work. He was simply here of his own volition? No, that wasn’t right at all. He had to fight for visitation rights, and lure him in, and trick him in to staying around him for a while…. at least that what he had been having to do for centuries. Perhaps this was just yet another surprise the multiverse had planned for him. What a delightful place this was. "It’s terribly unlike you. At least, the versions of you that I have been used to."


Uh….  —————————————————-

I was just saying I knew your face.
I don’t think I know you either.
I don’t even know your name.”

        She arched an eyebrow when she was called a little Earth girl and glared. She didn’t like being degraded. Made her very angry.

The Time Lord’s eyes narrowed slightly as he glared at the slightly taller female.

"So you expect me to believe that you were simply flipping through datafiles for your own enjoyment?" he spat, finding himself increasingly angered by this interrogation. "Then you dare to backtrack and deny that you recognise me? I am not as much of an idiot as you seem to envision me as, you filthy ape. Though, I suppose, given your hair colour, one of your time and place of origin might argue that you’re a bit more of a ‘ranga.’ “

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"I suppose that I am in some state of existence," he said slowly. "Normally, I exist as only thought in complete darkness until She calls me.  The only time I manifest, physically, is when I visit you," He straightened his head against.  "I am fine, thank you."

"That does not sound entirely pleasant…. perhaps a bit peaceful, though." he offered before he frowned slightly. "If you are only free to move about when Lady Death calls you to a task, then how are you able to be here? Are you shirking your duties? You are, aren’t you? How very expected.”




"I’ve seen you before,
in the TARDIS datafiles.”

"For a Human such as yourself to have had access to TARDIS datafiles, you must know a Time Lord. Judging by your appearance, you are exactly the sort of little Earth girl that the Doctor would pick up." the Master aid, voicing aloud his thoughts after taking in the apparently feisty girl’s scent. "If you are telling me this information simply to make me quake with fear and succumb to whatever it is you have in mind, please allow me to tell you that you have severely misjudged me and that a simple datafile will not give you full knowledge of who you are speaking to." 

There had been no word of mass illness stemming from his Creme Eggs.

Another year, another failure. He could always go forward to the next Easter, but what was the point? His time could easily be spent dealing with issues on Saturn.

In fact, he might just go do that. He’d been wanting to condense Warehouses 17 through 19. That would mean Warehouse sign updates, reassignments of housing, new uniforms, changes in transport, and working out where the masses of spare workers would go. They would all have to be re-evaluated for the new Warehouse 17. Those unfit for the job would most likely have to be disposed of, which would mean their entire families would need to be re-evaluated as well.

Yes, that was going to take some time and a lot of work. So, he finished off his drink and got up to pack his things and head back into the TARDIS. He’d grab some supplies to stock up the TARDIS and then head off for Saturn.


He tilted his head, his bi-coloured eyes unblinking. “But I am not alive.  Thus I could not perish. I do not wish to leave you be. I do so as I acknowledge that you would soon tire of my presence were I to remain. I do not understand your comment.”

"You are currently experiencing some form of life. Your being is being projected and you are able to be here or wherever you are needed." the Time Lord stated. "I do appreciate your understanding that I require my space, though. It’s rarely noticed, and that inhibits my ability to get just about anything done. Anyway, are you simply here for a visit? Can I get you anything?"


"Nostalgia." He replied. "The only time I feel alive is within your presence."

"Oh, I highly doubt that.” the Master said, rolling his eyes at the man. “If that was true, then you’d never leave me be. Then, I would have to insist that you leave so that I could work, and then you would perish. Yet, here you are.”




"Oh! Thank you. Some Earl Gray does sound rather good right now." He chuckled some. "Right-sorry! I’m Alexander Pond." Pulling the old letter from his inside jacket pocket, he handed it to the other. "If you could, that would be marvelous." Though he has never parted with the letter since leaving fifties Manhattan, but if the other knew The Doctor, then it would be for the best. "I’m afraid I don’t know your name either."

"I am universally known as the Master." he replied in a tone that seemed to demand the respect of the young male before him. This was only said after he had a hold of the letter, of course. He was quite interested in knowing why Alexander was so incredibly interested in locating the Doctor. Verbatim.

After speaking, he waved the server over and gestured to the man sitting across from him. “My associate would like an Earl Gray. Could you please bring him one?”


The Doctor watched the Master remove his shoes then followed suit. “Um, black probably. Gives me a little more pep.” Did he need more pep? Probably not. “And here’s me with nothing to bring to the table,” he said with a little regret.

'Gives me a little more pep.' repeated over and over in the Master's mind. Perhaps he'd just give him a decaffeinated black tea. He'd slipped it to his husband now and then. Surely this Doctor wouldn't even notice the difference either.

"All right." he replied as he filled the kettle and got it on the stove. He then pulled out two bags of the chosen tea, being careful to make it seem as if he was getting a regular black tea out of the cabinet. "Do not worry about that. It was I who invited you. I will expect to be repaid for my kindness at another time. What sort of biscuits do you prefer? I have almost all of the standards of this time.”


The Doctor watches as the Master walks closer, and raises an eyebrow at him once he finally approaches and says what he says. He isn’t sure if the lament is meant to be mocking or not. 

It likely is.

Hm. On the topic of remaining incarnations, he’s reminded of something. The Master has the right to know.

"I take it y’haven’t heard, then. About Gallifrey?"

"What about Gallifrey?” he questioned, giving the other Time Lord a curious look. He took in the other’s scent as he waited for an answer. This Doctor was indeed familiar. Had he tried to take this one’s TARDIS? Perhaps…. either way, this was a new face. Yet again, the other had managed to find himself in a body that was relatively attractive. He always had a knack for that.