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"I think I’ll take you up on that. I’m not in any sort of hurry, at the moment." He stalled at the door a little and scratched the back of his head. "Or I don’t remember any previous engagements. Am I completely throwing you off your routine for the day?”

"I am currently set to have a break. If that involves tea and you, then that is what it shall be today." he responded, stopping at the door to remove his shoes, then go get the kettle on. "What sort of tea do you prefer? Black, green, herbal?"



"Funny, Melody says the same thing to me." He mused before taking a seat as gestured, listening to the other’s questions and insight. "There are a few still around-I’ve noticed one or two following me at times I guess since it was their doing that my mum was able to have kids again or something. But oddly, they usually just keep their distance and stay to themselves. As for The Doctor, it’s the one with the bowtie or any later versions."

"Please…. mm…. I fear that I did not catch your name. Either way, please feel free to order whatever you’d like." he said, finding himself mildly intrigued by the man now sitting across from him. If he offered to get him a drink or meal, perhaps he would stay and converse with him for a time. His eyes drifted from the ginger and back to his cup, which he then pulled towards him again. "You know, I could deliver the letter to the Doctor for you. I will be seeing him soon."

"Hello, Koschei," Death's Champion said in his odd double voice. His chimeric eyes observed the Time Lord as stoic as always.

"Hello, Theta." he greeted as usual. "What brings you here today?"




"W-well, I’m not really looking-but I guess I kinda am. I mean, ah, bit complicated… Sort of. But, ahh; Mum and Da use to be companions of his and my sister married him, but sort of got stuck in the past by a weeping angel. Ma gave me a letter to give to him if I ever crossed paths with him."

"Mm, yes…. her. I have to say that calling their relationship a ‘marriage’ is quite generous.” he said with an air of superiority. He gestured for the male to sit down across from him. “Are weeping angels still around? What variants? Also, if you are looking for the Doctor, it might be worth noting that you are in a multiverse. Which Doctor are you looking for?”



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  He wasn’t around when the Saxon elections were happening, but Melody had told him stories and showed him pictures of The Master when he was a kid. “You… Know The Doctor, don’t you?” He asked, his memory foggy but his low empathy giving him a bad feeling.

The Master looked up at the being that had interrupted his morning tea at his favourite cafe. He examined him for a moment before taking a breath in and deciding to speak.

"I suppose that depends on what you are seeking in connection to him." he stated, pushing his tea to the side. 

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Well, would you look at this. He’d just been taking a walk about the park, and the man he sees is the absolute last he’d ever expect to run into. A moment of consideration, and the Doctor decides to call out.



Why not? It’s been forever, it’s been centuries, and for him anyway, there aren’t any lingering hard feelings.

He just waits, sure the Master will recognize him regardless of not having seen this face before.

The Master had been deep in thought as he walked away from the Cadbury factory and towards his current home base. So, when there was a sudden shout, he of course felt himself interrupted and stopped to glare over in the general direction that the sound had come from. It was then that he noticed that there was another Time Lord near him…. a familiar one, and that it was in the same direction as the shout.

Oh, spectacular. Clearly it was the Doctor and he was most likely going to be interrogated on his current plan. He hadn’t even been trying to lure him in for this one, and yet here he was.

"Mm…. you’ve regenerated again. Best watch out, Doctor. You probably don’t have all that many incarnations left. It would be such a pity if the universe were without you.” he greeted, noting to himself that it would indeed be a pity.


"I could, but they’d find me. They’re very good at that— finding things. You’d think they’d be Huffle-… nevermind" He swallows, finally finding it to be less rude to look at the Master. "I just figured… it’d hurt too much to have to pick friends to spend the last hours with. And with you, goodbye might be a little more effortless. Not that anything ever goes according to plan when I’m around, bad luck seems to follow me like that"

The Time Lord blinked at him, but then became increasingly annoyed again as he continued to speak. ‘and with you, goodbye might be a little more effortless.’ Well then, fuck you too.

"I doubt that I am the companionship you seek. Have a nice death." he commented rather heartlessly before he went back inside his house.


[She shakes her head and hopes she hasn’t started his thoughts down a road he really ought to avoid.]

[Text]: He certainly acted inappropriately enough, but I’m not sure we have a choice.

-Text- What a pity.

-Text- Are there currently any plans to meet up for again soon?